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Foreign Teachers Wanted
时间:2017-09-29来源: 编辑:点击数:

Job Title:

1. ESL Teachers

2. Academic courses teachers

Economics(2vacancies), Marketing(2vacancies), Accounting(2vacancies), Finance(1vacancy), Supply Chain(1vacancy), Tourism(1vacancy), International Trade(2vacancies).

Position description:

3. It is a public college.

4. Adult students. The students are college students.

5. Small classes. The number of students in each class is 20-30.

6. Each teaching hour is 45 minutes.

7. All the classes are on weekdays (3-4 days normally), 8:00-15:40, and no office hours.

8. The workload is 16 teaching hours per week.

Salary and benefits:

CNY7000-12000 per month, with increase in the second contract

Bonus for the second contract

CNY10000 Airfare allowance

CNY2200 Traveling allowance

Free furnished housing

Free Chinese lessons

Full-paid vacation days

Medical insurance

Minimum Qualifications:

Native speakers

Bachelor's degree or above;

At least 2-year teaching experience;

Below 60 years in age;

In good health.

Contract period:

September, 2017- July, 2018 (11 months)

Application Instructions:

Apply via email to international201@126.com , with a resume attached.

College contact details:

Add: 201Jufeng Road, Qingdao, P.R. China, 266100(中国青岛巨峰路201)

Tel: (+86)532-55761060,15376734722

Fax: (+86)532-55761007



Institution: Shandong Foreign Trade Vocational College

Location: Qingdao, Shandong, China

College Introduction:

Established in 1964, the College is a regular state-owned full-time college based in Qingdao, a beautiful seaside resort city in Shandong Province in eastern China.

The college is with the longest history offering specialized programs in Economics and International Business in the province.

The current full-time enrolment of the College is about 11000.





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